about me

Humai (something like who-may) here. I'm based in Brooklyn but often traveling. I'm on a quest to discover the world around me.

I worked in the digital ad space for many years before deciding to follow a different path. I made the move after losing my mother to cancer. During that experience I had started to tell my story through visuals, in a way I hadn't before. Visual storytelling is powerful stuff. It's constantly redefining how we communicate. So in early 2017 I forged a a new path.

I now spend all my time between HAPPYMONDAY and HYFN.

I co-founded a content studio called HAPPYMONDAY.  We create social media content, video and photo, with the vertical screen in mind. 

My personal photography takes a documentary-style approach. But whether it's a thought-out shoot or catching the natural moments, I want to capture feeling. That's at the core of it all.

I also started a project called HYFN. I was raised to appreciate and embrace where I came from and who I am. My perception of the world, the foods I eat, the music I listen to, all of it is a blend of what my parents passed down to me and my own experiences. This has led me to spearhead this project focusing on community and identity. I want to showcase the beautiful and thought provoking voices within my immigrant community. I hope that my work celebrates my culture and that these stories shine brighter as we continue to progress forward.

I want to contribute something great to this world. That is my mission.